Just a wee little step

As I’ve mentioned before, each day I try to take at least one little step toward my sabbitical goal.  Today it wasn’t a lot, but was exciting to me all the same.  I applied for (and received) my visa for Australia.  I’m not actually proud that I got the visa, I mean come on, it probably isn’t that exclusive when you consider that Australia is a formal penal colony.  I’m just thankful that I actually remembered that I had to have one!

My friend Jill brought me a bunch of boxes and packing paper yesterday!  One small step at a time!


One thought on “Just a wee little step

  1. I’m so proud of you Randy! You are a fantastic friend and I send you lots of love to guide you on your wonderful journey!! I would go to Paris anytime if you decide to make that a segment 🙂 Or Peru–i suggest you read (or re-read) Shirley mcClaines ‘Out on a Limb’….Cheers XOXOXO

    PS Lexington….uh no, Louisville–Go CARDS 🙂

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