A Milestone?

What is it about making your mind up?  It seems that once you do you only become hard headed or second guessing at best.  Well, sometimes having that sense of purpose, having a measureable goal is good.

I have been making the mistake that I had to predicate this whole year on the date when my house leases.  I’m trying to think back, but I can’t understand why I felt that way.  The house will lease when someone wants to overpay for where they live, but until then I’ve got things that I must get on with.

I think tomorrow (Wednesday 10/6) is going to be a big day.  I’ve written my letter of resignation and I think I will go ahead and submit it.  In that letter I have the dates that have been in my head for days, this is not a rash decision by any means.  I will be leaving Microsoft on November 2nd.

Work—Home…having one of these biggies under control will certainly feel good.


3 thoughts on “A Milestone?

  1. Yes, that is a good question, why do we do that? November 2nd is as good a date as another. It just happens to be River’s birthday. That is a very good day in my book.
    You are moving ahead. Proud of you.

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