So Many Decisions to Make

As I research the around-the-world tickets more and more, I’m beginning to question my logic of only visiting 6 or 7 locations.  I like the idea of spending a substantial amount of time in each place to really get a feel for it, but, I’m beginning to think that I am being rather wasteful with the provisions of the ticket and with the opportunity to visit so many places I’ve always wanted to go.

It seems that around-the-world tickets are structured so that you can have about 16 stops for the duration of your journey (up to one year).  I had only planned about 7.  This means that I could go to a lot more places without increasing the cost of the airfare.  It almost seems silly not to do this.  See, when you purchase your ticket, you have to choose the stops you want and the times you want to fly.  While you can change the times at any time without a penalty, if you change the itinerary stops you are charged an extra fee.

My thinking is to max out the number of stops with all the places that I might want to go.  If I change my mind en route, I can always go to the place, stay a couple of days (you must stay 24 hours at least) and then move on to the next location.

But, that raises a whole set of other questions…where?  If you’ve read my previous post you know that I had, at one point, settled on:  Sydney, Thailand, Goa, Istanbul, Milan, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, and finally Lexington, KY (OK, I slipped that last one in on you).  Should I max out to 16 stops?  If I do, what should I add?  Some places I was thinking about include:  Bali, The Philippines, Dubai, Kenya, South Africa, and Cairo.  But I could still choose some additional locations.

Will you make some suggestions by leaving a comment?


9 thoughts on “So Many Decisions to Make

  1. Why not stick with your initial plan and linger in less places but for more time. You can always take another year-long journey, especially if you have a two-year lease on your property.

  2. Randy,

    St. Petersburgh is much more interesting than Moscow. Ireland is so beautiful you should take advantage of this opportunity and also the Dordogne Region of France.

  3. Hey Randy,
    I absolutely agree with the last post.As you know me and my parents came back from Ireland this summer, and it is so beautiful around Shannon and the Connemara. Also the hospitality is unbeatable.

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