It has started

Yesterday I gave my notice at work.  I will be leaving Microsoft on November 2nd.  This is a huge step and paves the way for a lot of other things to get going.  For starters I can now set my date for departure which I have already done…December 5th.  It also means that I can purchase my around the world ticket which I think I should do over the next week or so.

I added a couple destinations to the itinerary:  Singapore, Lexington (KY), and back to Los Angeles.  This puts me put to 13 segments of my alotted 16.  Getting to (and out of) Lexington uses up 4 of them.  I was  under the impression that a segment equaled a destination, but it turns that it is a flight segment.  If a destination requires a change of planes, that is 2 segments.  Oh well.

I will soon need to turn my focus to getting the house situation wrapped up.  That is a terribly long list to accomplish, and it is overwhelming me.  I need to figure out a way to break this down into manageable pieces and tackle them one at a time.  I have a feeling that I am going to have a list that just helps me keep track of my lists!


4 thoughts on “It has started

  1. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

    1. Divide your stuff into two groups: staying with the house and leaving the house. For the stuff leaving the house, keep it, sell it, or donate it.

    2. Secure a temperature-controlled storage unit for the stuff you keep. Wrap the valuable items in shrink wrap to further protect them. Order moving supplies from

    3. See a lawyer and make sure you have all the necessary legal protections: last will & testament, living will, powers-of-attorney, etc.

    4. Have fun on your sojourn and keep us posted.

  2. OMG, I am so jealous of you and proud of you at the same time :). I can’t wait to read about your adventures. I think it is awesome and wish I was going with you.

  3. I agree with SJ on the separation of “things”. But, ULine has the most expensive packing materials of any company I know of – let me know if you need stuff for that. Everyone wants to go with you! Maybe a mass resignation would be good for us as well as the American economy…well, at least until we use up all our dough.

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