The Marvels of Technology

Perhaps I’m the last person on the planet to figure this out, but I discovered Skype today.  For $2.99 a month, I can get a local Los Angeles telephone number and I can use my PC to call anywhere in the United States…from anywhere in the world where I can get an Internet connection. Since my PC has a built-in web cam, I can even do video calls. If I am away from my computer my callers can just leave a voice mail and I will get the message when I get in.  The caller need not know that I am in Timbuktu.

This means the world is truly becoming a small place.  It also means that while I might have figured out how to run, I still can’t hide!  Between Skype, email, and my friend Jill managing my mail and scanning anything important and emailing it to me, I’m going to be just as in touch as I am now. 

Um, is that a good thing?


3 thoughts on “The Marvels of Technology

  1. Randy,

    You could run a test by turning off your cell phone and laptop for a short period of time before you leave. Just turn it on periodically to tell us how painful it is.

  2. You may be the last person to know about this even I have it…LOL Have a in webcam and so does JoAnna, so we use it. That way I get to see River more often.
    It is a good thing.

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