I’m Booked!

Well, I actually did it!  I booked my Round-the-World (RTW) ticket today.  My first flight is already booked for December 5th to Sydney.  I’m in seat 13B.

This is a major milestone, and it is really starting to feel like there is no turning back from here.  I only made one minor change on the final ticket.  I decided to take the train from Singapore to Bangkok with a stop in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.  This approach has a couple of benefits:  I can leave Singapore whenever I want, and I can take my time getting to Bangkok.


4 thoughts on “I’m Booked!

  1. Well you did it, Congrats. What is the word on the house? Storing stuff? Leaving home furnished? Saw your stops, awesome.

    • Still getting a lot of interest, but no one has signed on the dotted line yet. I don’t really want to start tearing the house apart yet as I’m trying to keep it looking good while people are coming through.

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