One person’s treasures…

…easily morphs into another’s junk.  So has been the story of my life.  Since I have actually bought a ticket(s) now, I guess I need to ensure that this prophecy comes to fruition.  I moved a car (already sold) out of the garage and made myself a staging area with three sections:  Storage, Sell, and git rid of .  I’m going to have an exclusive sale only open to friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and those nice people that hang around the recycling center at my neighborhood Von’s Grocery.  After that, I’m considering an “estate sale.”  What’s left goes into the dumpster or to whoever will come and get it.

Radical measures for a radical time.


3 thoughts on “One person’s treasures…

  1. Randy, I have found that life is a series of chapters, and tossing most of the stuff from past chapters can be extremely liberating. (This includes both things meant to be functional and things meant to be symbolic in some way.) I’m often amazed at what I stored, thinking it was incredibly important, only to look at it fresh and realize I have absolutely no use for it. That being said, please be prepared for the fact that the first thing you get rid of, you will immediately need one of those about two days later. Oh well.

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