The Games Have Begun!

What a mess!

Yes, I have actually started packing in earnest.  It’s a little difficult to swoop into a room and completley tear it apart because I still need to keep the house looking somewhat decent for all the showings the realtor (Anthony) is booking.  I like having all the traffic but it is a little concerning that no one is putting anything on paper yet.  Oh well, that time will come I’m sure.

What I can do however is to start to pack the things in closets that I know I really want to keep such as photos, memorabilia, linens, kitchen items, etc., leaving behind those items that I want to sell or give to a charity.  The hard part is that I want to keep everything!  It all has some little obscure meaning (and as I get older, the obscurity gets more intense—almost to the point that I’m likely making up a story in my head about any particular item). 

But many things I can clearly recollect their history.  For example, a creamer that my Mother (Ann) gave to me when I first started housekeeping over 30 years ago.  It has dutifully sat in the cupboard right next to the 3 other creamers all this time.  Sorry, Ann, but I had to let it go!

But, what I’ve done to mitigate some of this pain is sat up a little “studio” in my garage where I am taking photos of these types of items.  Psychologically, this is a big help.  This stuff that I’m getting rid of didn’t serve any other purpose other than the chance to occasionally look at it and reflect.  I’m finding the photos do the same thing and they take up a LOT less room in my storage boxes.

"Still Life" vs. "Real Life"

In 1987 Ray and I bought these covered tea cups.  They have been in the cupboard for nearly 23 years.  All this time I have had to reach around them to get what I was really after.  I actually think I like the photo better, they honestly didn’t look this pretty in real life.


3 thoughts on “The Games Have Begun!

  1. Its good Randy, that you are going through your things and going through memories. I’m super excited for your new adventure and I’m sure Ray is glad for you too.

  2. I’m so proud of you for digging in. I know you don’t have time now, but perhaps upon your return sometime next year, you can coach me on letting go of my “STUFF”…or chant a purging pray for me… or rub my belly and spin me around three times.

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