Where do Potholders come from?

As I get closer to my departure, I also have to really analyze the “things” that I have been using to live for the past several days.  This evening, it just dawned on me;  Where do potholders come from? 

Have you ever bought one?  I can’t honestly say that I have.  It seems that these are articles that just appear of their own accord.  Perhaps mothers have a lot to do with this phenomenon.  I haven’t done enough research to express an opinion.    

But the same concept appears to be true for screws, nails, and picture hangers.  Today I realized that I had some of each in practically every room.  I wonder how that happened.  Was there a time when I thought the Third Reich was going to show up at my doorstep and I would fend them off with such hardware?  It was probably more likely that I was anticipating an emergency wall hanging that never materialized.

I will sleep on these issues tonight and will hopefully be prepared to deal with the loftiness of the desk drawers soon.  They are even more mysterious.

Pens and scissors, Oh my!


3 thoughts on “Where do Potholders come from?

  1. i remember when we used to do these cross knit loop versions of potholders as ‘crafts’..i now buy potholders in the form of things i love or laugh at–crab claws (joe’s crabs), seasonal ones (ie Frankenstein ones for Halloween).. my big boy has drawers FULL of plastic pipe hose joints…huh??
    My lesson–buy what you love, and then forgit about the rest 🙂 stuff….

    • Ha! Buy more! No way. My point was that I had a pile of potholders. I honestly don’t ever recall actually buying a single one of them. They just seem to appear on their own.

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