There Goes Rosie….

Rosie, Even better than a white tornado!

Today was Rosie’s last day of working for me.  She has faithfully kept this house spotless for the last ten years.  Before that, her sister-in-law did the same thing.  They both worked very hard and since I have no plans on running for the Governor of California, I have no idea what their immigration status is because I have never asked.

Rosie should be very proud of the work she does.  More often than not, when someone walked into our house for the first time they would comment “my you sure keep your house clean.” 

I’m really going to miss Rosie and I sure do wish her well.  I can only remember her missing coming to work one time over all these years.  It was not because she was sick, it was because her little son a function at school that she did not want to miss.  Frankly, I think we need more people like Rosie in this country, not fewer.  Adios mi amiga Rosalia.


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