How much is that doggie in the window?

Yes! It was before daylight! Somewhere around 5:00a.m.

“Well, that doggie is a special doggie.  It came from Asia in the 1600’s with a group of immigrants that were looking to make a new life selling lamps in Canada that looked like little doggies.  They perished at sea in 1697, and this lamp is the only thing that survived.  It was in the possession of the Russian Czars for a while and then eventually ended up in Chicage at the turn of the century.  I really think I should get $10.00 for it.”

“Cool, would you take 50 cents?”

So went most of the day of selling my last 30 years.  I found it unfathomable what people valued.  A nice piece of Murano glass would sit be sitting on the counter.  A roll of aluminum foil would be in the drawer underneath…yeah, they wanted to buy the aluminum foil.  “Did you notice that this is ‘Reynolds Wrap, not generic?”  (that one little comment was worth and extra 25 cents!).

I am so happy that Josh was here to guide me through this new world.  I would have probably hit an old woman by the end of the day, but I took his cues.  He had a finesse that I will never achieve.  “You know what Lady?  I said the mixer was $5.00. No, you can’t have both the tongs and the mixer for $2.00…I’d rather throw both of them away.”  She walked.  Josh would have gotten $3.00, but I threw them away.  While both the old lady and I felt triumphant, in actuality, we both lost.  C’est la vie.

All in all, I’ve succeeded in creating enough space in the living room to play tennis.  While that really wasn’t my goal, I’ve managed to book the  LA Tennis club for mixed doubles indoors tomorrow at 3:00pm. Hopefully they will want to buy that freakin’ mixer.  I’ll dig it out of the trash.  It’s on sale for $2.00 and I’ll throw in a pair of tongs.

(And, Oh!…a special call out to a couple of friends.  Jill:  You’re still the best even though you wear Uggs sometimes.  You brought a sense of levity that was sorely needed , and the food is still nourishing me another day on.  Anthony:  You stayed for cleanup when everyone else left…that kind of sacrifice is never missed by me.  I’m really appreciating our new friendship.)


6 thoughts on “How much is that doggie in the window?

  1. You are too funny I had a yardsale a couple of years ago and was about haggled to death over a microwave I wanted $15 dollars for and he want he wanted it for $5 I finally gave it to him for $8 just so he would shut the hell up :). By the way I’ll take the mixer for two bucks…….uh, you do cover shipping?

  2. I hate “yard” sales. I hate going to them and I hate having them, but yours sounds like it would have been quite entertaining! By the way, many years ago I was having one of the dreaded yardsales and an obnoxious man offered me $1 for an item and I told him that I would throw it away before I would sell it to him for that price! And I believe I did throw it away! Looking forward to hearing more of your saga!

  3. Actually, it was a fun day (for me, anyway!) and you have captured it well. The first wave of people at 6:45 were a sorry lot, don’t you think – except for Michael, of course. Then, the little haggler mid-morning who ended up filling his entire truck up was rather inspirational. Let’s do it again! 🙂

  4. you let your housekeeper go too soon! And I would have bought the mixer for $4! Any albulms you want to sell for .01 each? 🙂

    Also will you come back and let me go on your sabbatical?

    • I sold a boat load of albums at $1.oo each. It was heartbreaking. I saved out the 1663 Beatles ablum that has never been opened and a couple signed ones. However, I sold the turntable to a 19 year old who was just mesmerized by the techonogy. I don’t think he realized that he needed an amp and speakers too. But, hell, he only paid $10.00 fo rthe Fischer turntable.
      I’m saving the rest of the albums for you. However, because of storage, I’ll have to have 2cents each.

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