My Live Takes on a New Dimension…

This is a myPOD.

…and that dimension is 12′(L) x 8′(W) x 8′(H).  My POD (Portable on Demand Storage) arrived this morning.  This whole idea is so clever and whoever thought it up deserves to be rich.  I received a very pleasant ROBO call last night estimating an ETA span of a couple hours and a personal call from the driver this morning telling me exactly when they would be here.  He was two minutes early.  My personal POD driver deposited it the driveway, and I couldn’t believe the tight spaces he negotiated.  

I’ve been kevetching for a couple weeks that the one I ordered would be too small, but it appears it’s going to work just fine.  I got the medium sized POD.  I suppose that is a testament to my life, pretty average so far.

More and more I’m camping out in my own house.  Anticipating that I would no longer own any TVs after the estate sale, I cancelled DishNetwork effective Friday.  But neither of the 20 year old Sonys sold, imagine that.  I can’t beleive they are nearly 20 years old, but I looked on the back panel, and lo and behold, there was the date.  I must have been 11 years old or something like that! 

Since I still had a TV (and the lack of one was driving me crazy already),I thought I would be clever and I went to Best Buy to get an antenna.  I mean, I live in the land of TV, I should be able to pick up something, right?  Well, I got home, nada, nary a channel.  So I thought, Randy, you need an antenna that has power boost.  I trotted off to Radio Shack to get one of those.  Proudly plugged it in and…snow like North Dakota in February.  A quick Bing search educated me to the fact that TVs prior to 2003 are definitely not digital which is the only kind of signal broadcast these days.  Who knew?

Well, it appears I need one of those digital to analog converters that uncool people had to buy a couple years ago.  So, I went to a third store, Best Buy on Pico Blvd (the other Best Buy was over on Venice Blvd.).  I had to go to a different Best Buy because the plan that I have schemed up requires me to return all this equipment in less than 2 weeks.  I was afraid I would get noticed if I did it at the same store.

Well, I get home with the converter, and I have 57 channels!  40 are in Spanish, 2 in Korean, 2 in Vietnamese, 2 in Russian, 2 in Urdu, 1 in Farsi, there’s 3 shopping channels, 2 religious channels, 2 that I don’t recognize, AND several PBS stations.  When I found the mulitple channels of PBS I was amazed.  Actually, this is going to work for me, but I miss Rachael Maddow and Keith Olberman already.   Chris Matthews, not so much.

My next problem:  the returns.  I just know that I’m going to screw this up or break a sweat during the interragation.  But, airport security, I’ve got that down “pat,” they don’t even ask you any questions, they just feel you up, take a naked picture of you for later, and send you on your way.

I wish it was that easy to return items to a store?

6 thoughts on “My Live Takes on a New Dimension…

  1. PODS are the best!! A lot of my clients have used them and have been very happy with the customer service of the company. I can’t imagine not seeing MSNBC!! I was just gone 2 weeks and I really missed Keith and Rachael!! Of course FOX was pushed down our throats. Good luck on your adventure.

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