Packing Light…

This guy must have written the book on packing light!

Next week is my last week in Los Angeles for an undetermined amount of time.  Just over the past few hours I have begun to feel that I have a plan for escape (meaning all the crap is almost gone).  I have finally turned my focus to my trip. 

At last!  

The suitcase is out; the clothes are starting to be separated in to take, store, and dispose.  All my little gadgets are neatly stowed into their little travel pouches.  I have also have in my head an idea of just what I’m taking with me.  Whenever I travel, I can greatly reduce my luggage by choosing one of two things:  Black or brown?  This really helps to trim down the amount of stuff you need to be “productive” on a trip.  You save on shoe space, belt space, and you have the ability to mix and match.  This is a brown trip.  Since I will be spending the next 10 months in summer, khaki will play a big role in my life.  So, brown.  It is decided:  Let it be written. 

Oh well, just one of my idiosyncrasies I suppose.  But, the real baseline for starting this packing project is to estimate how often I will be doing laundry, and then you work backwards from there.  I have decided that 10 days is a reasonable assumption.  Therefore, I only need 10 pair of undershorts, 3 pair of pants, 6 polo shirts, 6 tee shirts, and 10 pair of socks.  The rest of my suitcase will be reserved for money and I’ll just buy what I didn’t bring along. 

I also packed a little collapsible weekend bag for side excursions.  Oh, did I mention, this suitcase is about the size of a steamer trunk?  But, I’m packing light for this trip.

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