I’m On My Way!

My first stop

Well the last piece of junk is dealt with, the last item that I want to keep is either in my storage POD or with me, I’m through airport security, and have made my way to the United Airlines International First Class Lounge.  This blog post is coming to you live from LAX so that I means the Radical Sabbatical is officially underway!

There’s no more planning, no more fretting, no more decisions to make.  It was a melancholy day.  My next door neighbors invited me over to their house for breakfast.  During that visit, we had the bright idea that our houses are so close that I could probably pick up their wireless network.  That would give me  Internet access and would reconnect me with the world.  It worked!  It was after I logged on and had all the birthday greetings that I actually remembered it was my birthday!  I promptly forgot that little detail for the rest of the day.

I had lunch with another neighbor and spent the rest of the day doing laundry and odds and ends stuff; the day went really, really fast.  I spent an inordinate amount of time just staring at the house in all its emptiness and lonliness.  It was a cloudy, gray winter day too.  It seemed fitting that is the way it would look as I got in my car and just drove off.  No looking back, no lamenting, no trepidation.  I’m willing myselft to be over that.

I just experienced the end of an incredibly important era in my life.  It took me a year and 1 month to make it happen.  But I did it and WORLD…here I come.


7 thoughts on “I’m On My Way!

  1. yea, have fun Randy!
    so this is so unreal, today was my father’s birthday as well.. so yet another Veronica-Randy connection point…hmmmm

  2. okay,here we go,because we will be with you every step of the way,it is the only way we could travel the world,so thanks randy for taking us along,Ive already been to london with you,and been to mexico with some fireman and fire women,who come to my door at work.so where is our first stop?will be waiting………………………be careful,lov you

  3. Happy Belated Birthday, Randy! And Bon Voyage! Phil and I are SO excited for you, and we’ll be with you in spirit on your adventure. This will be fun for us, too; so, THANKS for taking us along!

    Fondly – Sherril

  4. WooHoo, Thanks for letting Us join you. I bet we have a fabulous time 🙂
    Keep us posted, don’t forget pictures. Happy Birthday!

  5. I’m with Mart – WooHoo! – Looking so forward to reading and seeing your journey. I’ve heard this expression all my life but it really fits now – – – Keep us posted 🙂

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