G’day mate

Well I’ve made it to Sydney and after a scary hour trying to find the hotel, I’m finally here.  It seems that there are two “21 Oxford Streets!”  And it would be just my luck that my taxi driver would choose the wrong one.  As I was walking around the wrong address (which was a Subway Sandwich restaurant), scratching my head, I was trying not to look too much like a tourist.  But this was impossible since I was wheeling luggage and sweating like crazy.  Finally a guy sitting at one of the sidewalk tables said “G’day mate.  Can I help you find something?”  He proceeded to tell me that I was at the Surrey Hills 21 Oxford Street.  I really wanted to be at the Paddington 21 Oxford Street.

He recommended that I take a taxi because it was a pretty hefty hike.  I know he’s dead on about that as I ended up walking the entire distance anyway just trying to get a taxi!  I’m not going to blame my taxi driver; I should have been more on top of the hotel location. 

I really got a chuckle out of the taxi driver.  On the way to “21 Oxford Street” he said I was one of the few Americans that he was able to understand.  “Your accent is not as thick as some Americans,” he said.  I didn’t tell him that I could hardly understand a word he said.


6 thoughts on “G’day mate

  1. Hey Cuz,
    Glad you made it safe and sound. You got a tour of Sydney when you arrived. It could have been on a day you were not tired and lugging your luggage around though!

  2. Hi,
    It’s nice to hear that someone offered you some help.
    Some peoples accents are very hard. A trip that Hubby and I did awhile back, the driver asked me if it was possible to speak a bit slower as he was having trouble understanding what I was saying. Even though he’s second language was English, I must say he was very easy to understand.
    I’m told that sometimes Aussies speak a bit fast, you know I never really noticed until I was told this. Being an Aussie I suppose I wouldn’t notice. 🙂

    • Hey Stranger,

      Thanks for following me and please don’t be offended by my sense of humor. Those who know me realize I’m a pretty sarcastic sort which often doesn’t come across well in writing.

      I’ve just been here for a few hours. It typically takes me some time to get the hang of English in a different accent than I am used to hearing. I have the same issue with the Brits and South Africans too. It’s a different cadence as well as a different choice of words sometimes. Certainly no offense to the Aussies. I was amazed that someone offered me help before I finally had to ask for it.

      • Hi Randy,
        Wasn’t offended at all. I enjoyed the read. No matter what Country your in, it’s always hard at first. When I go to another Country now, I consciously slow my speech down, I don’t know if it makes any difference. 🙂 I hope you have a fantastic time in OZ, and meet some nice people, and see as much as you possibly can.

  3. Hope you had a good birthday. Continue to keep us posted. I am jealous and shocked at your moxy all at the same time, lol. Have some fun for me.

  4. Sounds interesting! I didn’t know how to use the buses when I was in Frankfurt, Germany and ended up walking most of the town. I still have caluses from the blisters. A smooth trip would be boring and leave you nothing to write about! I’m glad you made it and am looking forward to more of the Randy’s Saga!

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