Some Things Just Go Together…

…and kids and Summertime must be pretty near the top of the list.  I took this

Some things need no explanation.

today in Hyde Park in the Central Business District of Sydney.  You should have heard the screams of delight!  And that was me, the kids were having a good time too.

4 thoughts on “Some Things Just Go Together…

  1. Hey handsome, glad to hear you landed. I am now trying to get “Pod’s” to answer. They never picked up, so I am trying to get them to reschedule. Hopefully they will listen to me, since I do not have your ID number. Don’t worry I will get it taken care of. Well, as they say…put another shrimp(make mine mock-shrimp)on the barbie (Doll). How ae you doing? Looking forward to hearing more and more…P

  2. There is a small problem with the pod. It is not locked properly, and they will not pick it up. I wentdown and tried it and the door opens up. Yes, your two locks are on the door, but for some reason you did not colse it properly. I called and spoke to “them” and was told that I can not reorder a pick up (since I am not on the list). I need to do 2 things:
    1. Tell me where the keys are to the locks so that I can open and relock. Or I will have to get bolt cutters and cut the locks off and replace them.
    2. Either you (call 800 776-7367 and the Ausie extension is 5999) or Jill reschedules the pick up.

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