12/8 – Sydney

Well I got up this morning well before anyone else in Sydney.  I was wide awake at 3:00, but managed to stay in bed until 5:00.  It was already daylight outside.  I read the paper during breakfast and learned that the next couple days are  going to be rainy so I had better make hay while the sun was shining today. 

So, I did what I always did.  I went for a really long walk.  Actually it was a little longer than I anticipated, but I was enjoying myself so I stuck with it.  Besides its the cheapest thing you can do here.  Everything is SO expensive, even by LA standards.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Sydney Opera House with a Harbor Ferry passing by


The  picture really captures the look and feel of Sydney.  At least that is the impression that is in my mind so far.  I realize I haven’t wandered out of the Central Business District very much yet, but I have lots of time for that.  Since I didn’t write much today and this post is mostly pictures, does that make it a “plog?”


5 thoughts on “12/8 – Sydney

    • Hey Dennis, Actually the road signs are part of the “artwork.” This was placed in section of Sydney call The Rocks. Notice the car with the rock in it in the photo? Notice that I opened the post with “Artwork Ahead” and ended with “End of Artwork?” That’s also art! LOL

  1. hey Randy,looks like a beautiful place,say Randy,Elli my youngest grand daughter would like it if you got her a cheap key chain from ever city you visited.Could you do that for her? lov you

  2. Love the pictures. So glad you where enjoying yourself. I could use a nice long walk, the weather here is frightful. Love you. Keep it coming, I am reading and loving all of your posts.

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