Coffee Culture

Having a “flat white” and writing in my journal

Yesterday was so hot and humid that I hardly wanted to venture outside.  However I was so intrigued by all the people that I’ve seen all over this city sitting at sidewalk cafes enjoying coffee and each other’s company.  I just had to give it a try.

It really is a great way to kill an hour just watching the world go by.  I had my first “flat white” of the trip, and I must say, it was delicious.  I can see how they can become adictive and a reason to waste inordinate amounts of time just staring into one.  The Sydneysiders seem to take this activity nearly as seriously as footie and brekkie.
But here in the room on Friday morning (long before anyone else in this country is awake) I’m once again relegated to instant coffee, Nescafe.  It is known here as “americano,” and I don’t think they mean it in a flattering kind of way.  However I am simply amazed at this electric teapot that heats water so fast it is scary.  Honestly, it is so much faster than even a microwave would be.  My tour book says “Sydney has a coffee culture that would mop the floor with London or Los Angeles.”  That may very well be true.

6 thoughts on “Coffee Culture

  1. you look good Randy,not jet lagged at all,so its summer there,we are expection a big snow or ice storm ,don’t know what we will get.whats in a flat white?

    • According to my friend Sherril:

      “Flat White” is one part espresso with two parts steamed milk, but no foam, usually served in a cappuccino cup. This is a specialty of Australia and New Zealand, particularly favored in the latter. The difference between a flat white and a latte is that a flat white is usually stronger, served in a smaller cup, and has no foam. A flat white is prepared by pouring the creamy steamed milk from the bottom of the jug over a single shot (30ml) of espresso.

  2. Sounds good!! I LOVE cappuccino’s, so anything like that would be great…especially since it hasn’t been over freezing here in 2 weeks! haha! Glad to see you are well!! 🙂

  3. hhhmmmm, i would seriosuly think of investing in a french press for some ‘real coffee’….Nescafe takes me back to my Grandma–she always used a glass cup in the shape of an etched globe that she got from sending in her nescafe coupons 🙂

  4. Glad to get an explanation on the Flat White, it was keeping me up at night.
    Mom wants one of those fast heating tea pots 🙂
    Love the picture of you… You look well, makes me happy.

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