The Bus to Bondi

Bondi Beach, Sydney

Well, I finally got the energy together this morning to buy a bus ticket.  It’s complicated, and not for the faint of heart.  You have to consider where you are going most often, then you have to look at the route to determine how many “stations” you will pass through.  You then buy your ticket accordingly.  You then get ten trips with your ticket.  I calculated all morning and determined that I would be best served with a “MyBus3 Ten Trip” ticket.  So, what did I buy when I got to the convience store?  A MyBus2 Ten Trip…a $26.00 mistake.  I was so embarrassed that I went to another store and bought a 7 Day MyMulti ticket.  This one cost $41.00 and will allow my unlimited use of the busses, subways, and ferries for a week.  It seemed to be the most fool-proof for an idiot like me.  (Don’t worry, I think I’ll be able to use up the first bus ticket before I leave.)

Self Portrait-Bondi Beach

I then proceeded directly to Bondi beach.  What a beautiful place it is.  It is still a little warm today.  I saw a thermometer on a bank that said 31 degrees Celsius (around 88F) and it is still a little humid.  The weekend looks like it is going to be really glorious.  I’m looking forward to setttling into the apartment on Saturday morning since I’m really wanting a home-cooked meal for a change.

Don't ask me, it just looked interesting at the time


Life guard buggy all decked out for Christmas

Taken by Ray when we were here in 2005...he was a better photographer


8 thoughts on “The Bus to Bondi

  1. Don’t think of buying the “wrong” bus tickets, just think of how prepared you are for the week to come.. Love the pictures, all of them.. I have always wanted to see Aussie…So think of me once while you are there, please..

  2. Okay, my second mistake today. I just noticed the picture that Ray took is not Bondi Beach at all. It is in Australia though. I think maybe it is Manly. Now I’m going to be wandering all over this sunburned country trying to find this beach!

  3. Enjoyed your blog. Sorry we missed each other earlier-am still at the Tampa airport but know u are moving. Enjoy your homecooked meal tonight. Enjoyed the one Mom made yesterday. Btw can I still go to your house over the holidays? I’ll just sit there quietly… 🙂

  4. Hey Randy, Ray was a good photographer from the photo you posted and said he took. You are a pretty good photographer too, so don’t sale yourself short. We are glad to hear you are having a good time. Maybe you should think about writing a book of your world travels and misadventures. I bet it would be a BIG seller especially if you include photos of places your are talking about, like in your blog

  5. I love your pictures Brother, don’t sell your self short. Ray’s where always great too. I love the idea about a book. You are doing great with the blog. Something to think on.
    I am with Gretta on the bus ticket thing, don’t think of it as a mistake, think of it as more adventure 🙂
    Just an FYI we are having very cold, with snow weather here in KY. Enjoy the lovely weather, and think of us suffering at home LOL

  6. I’ll take Aussie’s sun over cold, frost, and snow any day in America right now. Marti, it makes you wish you are with Randy, doesn’t it! LOL

    I am in agreement with the others about the ticket mistake. Think of it as an excuse to see more of Aussie before you leave for your next destination. I feel like I am with you on your trip with all your pictures and comments. I hope you like traveling with a large group of people! LOL

  7. Hi Randy, sorry that I haven’t been following your travels I haven’t been on †he computer since we skyped), until now. Your photos are great (Ray had nothing on you there) and it seems that you are really settling in. The POD is finally gone…I want to go and read the rest of your adventures.


    P.S. Looking hot in the self portrait

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