Retirement Planning

Everytime you turn the corner, there's something interesting in Sydney

Over the past several days I’ve sort of fallen into the routine of getting up early and then out of the house quickly to do something touristy.  I’d usually come home for lunch and then take a little nap.  This works fine but I was finding that this whole process would be over by 2PM and then I’d have until 9PM before it got dark.  I often didn’t have anything planned for the afternoon which would end up feeling really long an boring.

Yesterday I had the bright idea that I would try to sleep a little later, have a leisurely breakfast, straighten the house, tend to business affairs on line, have lunch at home, then go out and do something in the afternoon.  My plan was to go to Watson’s Bay, a suburb, by bus and then take the ferry back.  While there I wanted to hike a trail along the harbor and visit a couple of secluded, under-used beaches.

Watson's Bay Ferry Landing

Everything was going swimmingly until I got to Watson’s Bay, finally–at 3PM, and looked at the ferry schedule on the wharf.  The last ferry back was at 3:50!  That meant I had 50 minutes for my stroll along the coast dropping in on pristine beaches and taking in the scenery.  Needless to say the stroll was not leisurely, and I never made it outside the little village.

The "Bay" of Watson's Bay

I’ve always heard that retirement takes a lot of “planning.”  I think I must have been totally confused on just what type of planning was necessary.  The guy on the bench in the first picture seems to have figured the whole thing out.  I should have sat down beside him and gotten a few pointers.

7 thoughts on “Retirement Planning

  1. FYI … 10 – 2 is prime time for geezers to get out and about. Sleep late, eat breakfast, and maybe straighten up a little bit, but you’ve got to be rolling by 10.

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