Already thinking ahead

See you later...hopefully.

I know I still have a month to go, but I’m already starting to think ahead to my next stops on this sojourn.  Until this morning, I didn’t have accomodation in Singapore nor do I have transportation from Singapore to Bangkok.  At the advice a of a good friend, I’m taking the train from Singapore, through Maylasia, to Bangkok with a stop in Penang, Maylasia.  I’m still working on those arrangements, seems you can’t book any longer than 30 days ahead.  It is about 1,000 miles but it looks like a great adventure and I’ve booked a world heritage hotel in Penang for a couple nights to make it more fun.  The train from Penang to Bangkok is a sleeper train.  I’m booking first class and considering buying the other first class ticket in my cabin ($43.00!) so that I can have the whole place to myself, but then again, what a way to meet someone new, right?  I also got the Singapore hotel booked this morning and was out of the house by 10:00.  (Steve B:  you were right.  The 10:00 – 14:00 outings are perfect for geezers).

Here’s the rub.  I can’t get a visa into Thailand for longer than 15 days unless I arrive by air. If I arrive by land, 15 days is the limit, my plan was to stay for 6 weeks with side trips to Viet Nam, Laos, and Cambodia.  What’s up with that?

  Anyway, I went to the Thai Consolate here in Sydney today and they said no problem…spoke some gibberish, took my passport and said to come back Tuesday between 14:00  and 15:00.  No charge (the website said this would be $AUS90.00 (exact “change” only) for this type of visa.  He said not true, okay, which one is right (I’m hoping for the former).

So, I walked out of there, in a foreign country, without my passport.  Now!  That’s living on the edge, or at least “the edge” as I would define it.

Check back Tuesday.  If I still don’t have a passport,  I’ll try to leave you my “cell” number.  The cell number at Sing Sing.


6 thoughts on “Already thinking ahead

  1. Randy maybe you should be changing careers. These blogs are so entertaining, like you were a journalism major..who would have know you came from being a bean counter!!!See there is so much hidden inside…

  2. Wow! Now, just don’t get arrested for anything stupid before Tuesday, Packman. Maybe you could employ a chaperone to avoid any drunk walking or spitting offenses…. Good thing Glenn and Greg are arriving over the weekend, huh?

  3. Randy, the cautious traveler always carries one or two photocopies of their passport with extra copies of the passport picture. We hope you are one of those travelers.

  4. I’m curious – do you make a point to keep abreast of news in the “States?” Have you found yourself having to explain the goings on in the US, especially politics, or even worse, American culture (who’s crazy idea was it to film Mommie Dearest meets erotica Angelina Ballerina?). Better yet, perhaps better to stay focused on the local papers and track the weekly happenings of the local football team (that’s Australian rules).

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