Dinner Guests

Glenn and Gregg

I had another day with friends with Glenn and Gregg from LA today.  We took it a little easier, but were still entertained.  We had a late start due to some communication issues, but then made our way to Manly via the Sydney Ferry.  It was a gorgeous day weather-wise…Chamber of Commerce perfect actually, and I’m beginning to realize that I like being a tour guide (career aspirations?).  We did the whole Manly thing including fish ‘n chips for lunch and made our way back to Sydney in the early afternoon to retrieve my passport from the Thai Consulate.  We had to be there between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m.  We made it right on the dot, and I now have the visa to the Kingdom of Thailand that I was seeking.

After looking at some of the colonial Sydney buildings, I was craving a nap, so I suggested “free time” until dinner.  To make this more palpable, I offered to cook which would save us all a LOT of Australian dollars which are not easy to come by.

I really enjoyed moving about shopping and preparing for guests at “my house.” I felt like I had acclimated to this new country.   Dinner was delicious.  No kidding, I almost bought the kangaroo in the grocery (everyone says “it tastes just like chicken.”  Well, if it tastes so much like chicken, why not have the chicken?

I opted for pork chops.  They taste just like pork chops.


4 thoughts on “Dinner Guests

  1. Sounds like you are finding your groove and having fun! You must try kangaroo once…and I am so glad you got your passport back. Thanks do much for posting I love following your adventures …you aren’t missing anything here it had been raining for 3 days straight – no break – none.

  2. Yum….your pork chops. Glad you had some good weather especially for Glenn and Gregg. My sources tell me you will be having clouds and then rain the rest of the week. Hey, Merry Christmas in the rain.

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