And They’re Off!

The Diamond Princess at port in Sydney

Since I didn’t get a knock on my door yesterday evening, I can only assume that Gregg and Glenn made it to their ship without incident and are currently at sea.  They are bound for Melbourne, Australia, then Tasmania, and on to ports of call in New Zealand.  Sounds like a great adventure.

We had three fun-filled days in Sydney.  We had a laugh about how the concept of “fun” is so different for us now that we are all three between the ages of 51 and 55.  Fun meant that no joints acted up, we got enough fiber in our diets, we didn’t have to witness too many tatoos or piercings in one day, and were able to get our coffee relatively soon after waking up.

Self portrait on the ferry: Randy, Glenn, Gregg

I’ll miss not having them around and will once again be left to my own devices for finding things to do.  The couple I am renting the apartment from will be here on Christmas day.  They are returning after several weeks in Germany and will be dropping in to leave their winter stuff, pick up summer gear, and then head to Melbourne to spend a few weeks with family.  I’m looking forward to meeting them.

The next few days will be interesting.  Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  I’m planning on going to Town Hall to hear a choral group perform in the evening.  Christmas Day, I have my “guests.”  And, there is an extra holiday here called Boxing Day.  I don’t have a clue what one does for that holiday but I think I should eat my Wheaties…I need the fiber.

4 thoughts on “And They’re Off!

  1. Randy,
    I am having such fun following your blog. It is dryly amusing and touching and even informative. I love how your personality comes shining through. Enjoy the choral performance. They always put me in an uplifted frame of mind.
    Happy Holiday and New Year,

  2. Randy-
    Barry and I are greatly enjoying following you and your adventure! Jim gay clued us in to the blog. You’re a good author! Keep the stories coming. We have’nt seen you for several years, but you look great – too bad we couldn’t spend some time with you during your journey. Have a wonderful Christmas holiday and,um, wear your boxers?

  3. love the sunglasses on your hat 🙂 How was the visit with the home owners?
    You are having a wonderful adventure, makes me smile…

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