I mean, how much is it, I mean really?

Aw, the metric system.  A world full of meters, kilograms, and Centigrade.  I managed to dodge it for most of my life and I’m quite proud to be from the only country in the world that still hangs on to the old English system of measurement.  Honestly, we’re the only ones left, and it is no longer feeling that is  “quaint” to me.  And why are we doing that?  Do we really think that the rest of the world is eventually going to see the light?  They are going to see the error of their decimal ways?  Pounds, ounces, quarts, gallons, inches, feet are all of a sudden is going to look better?  I’m skeptical of that.

I’m learning a lot about how the rest of the world measures things.  No, you don’t ask for one half pound of cheese at the grocery.  You ask for 300 grams, asking for 250 (I have the “quarter pound syndrome”) seems to be splitting hairs (I’m still working on the finer points.)  I’ve been spending a lot of time recently looking for an apartment in Bangkok.  Is 80 square meters enough…too extravagant?  This I need to learn because it will be the measurement that will be used for the rest of the trip.

Kilometers, like miles, depends on where you are and your mode of transportation.  Driving seven kilometers in Sydney seems be equivalent to driving about three miles in LA.  It can take 5 minutes or it can take an hour.  The metric system has nothing to do with it.

There is a bright side. I was watching a show on Australian Public Television last night.  It was a cooking show that was describing the perfect holiday menu.    When they were giving recipe amounts they said teaspoons and tablespoons.  My ears perked up, my confidence was built. 

“Then roast at 200 degrees.”  That is so stupid; nothing roasts at 200 degrees, does it?


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