May He Rest in Peace and Splendor

Ray – November 2005

Just a little over five years ago Ray and I were in Sydney.  It was November and the days were beginning to get long and warm as summer quickly approached.  I will never forget our walk through the Royal Botanical Gardens one day and happening onto a park bench with the most splendid view of Sydney that can possibly be had.  No one was sitting there.

We sat down to soak it all in.  As we were sitting there I had the bright idea that I was going to unzip the legs off my pants (they were convertible to shorts) as it was beginning to get a little warm.  As luck would have it, I got one off with no issue, but the zipper in the second one became hopelessly stuck.  I tried in vain to free myself of this embarrassing predicament.

Ray came to my rescue.  With his reading glasses bobbing on his nose, he was on his knees with me sitting on the bench examining the errant zipper.  As I sat there with nothing to do, I began to look around.  As I did, I noticed that when people would walk by they would give us the most interesting looks.  I began to laugh.  I couldn’t stop.

Ray freed my zipper finally.  As we were once again sitting on the bench, both my legs free at last, I told him my story about the looks we were getting.  We both began to laugh uncontrollably which only seemed to garner us even more looks from passersby.  I will never forget that day.

Today, Christmas Day 2010, I have returned to that spot to leave a piece of Ray, some of his final mortal remains.  I found that same bench.  I found that same spectacular view, it was under those same beautiful blue skies, and I left him there.  I must have sat on that bench for 30 minutes before I was able to simply walk away.

Merry Christmas Ray.  I’ll be back to see you again as soon as I can.  But until then, enjoy the view!

4 thoughts on “May He Rest in Peace and Splendor

  1. Beautiful, how lucky the two of you are to have had such love and memories. I am sure Ray is smiling and enjoying the view. Now excuise me while I go wipe my tears.

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