Rushcutters Bay - Wouldn't this make a great jigsaw puzzle?

Yesterday was another holiday in Australia called Boxing Day.  That means it was very quiet in the city as most people seem to get together with family or take advantage of the big sales at the malls similar to “Black Friday” in the United States.  There is also a huge yacht race, the Sydney to Hobart Race, that commences on Boxing Day.  It goes from Sydney to, and you guessed it, Hobart (Tasmania). 

It is supposed to be quite a spectacle to see the boats leave the Syndey Harbor.  Since I don’t have any family here, nor do I like shopping malls, watching the boats seemed to be the best choice.  I diligently did my research to see what a good vantage point would be.  Luckily there was one right near my place so I decided to walk over at take a gander.

Little did I realize that an area called Rushcutters Bay was so nearby.  It is a bucolic little neighborhood with beautiful views.  There were lots of families enjoying the bayside park.  Many of them had their picnic baskets along (called picnic “hampers” here).  I stared at the harbor for nearly an hour…no yachts.

Elizabeth Bay

According to my map, there was another bay right next door that seem to have a more open view to the harbor so I decided to walk over to Elizabeth Bay.  It was another beautiful little community with a park on the water.  The same families seemed to be doing the same thing they were at Rushcutters.  With eyes trained on the harbor, I kept vigilent watch for the elusive yacht race that everyone has been talking about.  Nothing.  Not even a dingy.

So, I came home and watched it on TV.


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