Hyde Park Barracks

Hyde Park Barracks

Back in the day when England had a lot of colonies, one of their favorite things to do was to send their prisoners to them.  This was a convenient arrangement for all involved.  Steal a horse and you get a boat ticket to America or Australia.  America received only 50,000 of these ne’er do wells whereas Australia was presented with over 166,000 of them.  The only reason I can think of that America received so few of them is because we started acting up around 1776, and we all know how that turned out.

I know this because I went to a museum today that was built for the sole purpose of housing these “visitors.”  It was quite interesting.  You learned about the life they lived, how they dressed, the kind of work they were assigned to, etc.  It as basically slave labor, and England used it to build their colonies.  You know, ahem, slavery was illegal in England.

William Pack. Provided “transportation” to Sydney.

One of the more interesting aspects of the museum was an interactive computer terminal where you could look up convicts that were provided “transportation” (that’s what they called it…no kidding) to Sydney.  It listed the name, date of arrival, and the ship they were on.  Wouldn’t you know it, I only type in “PA” into the search window there pops up William Pack, a carpenter, arrived on the ship Isabella on September 14, 1818.  I have cousins here I would bet!  Seems Billy was quite the rebel rouser.  His record indicates that he escaped twice from the barracks, and they had to keep hauling him back.

Figuring the list would be absolutely lousy with the Branhams I decided to look them up.  But you know what, nary a one!  Which has helped me conclude that they must not be from England, for you KNOW some would have been on that list otherwise.

3 thoughts on “Hyde Park Barracks

  1. my father came from a 9 kid family of Irish immigrants to the US. There are 2 left. Everyone else died of alcoholism and heart disease. Living to 50 yrs was a major feat. Erin go braugh or….sh*t

  2. Randy, maybe the Branhams were from germany,bet there are some natz in there I always wanted my anscestors to be from Ireland,don’t know why? I know we have a lot of Indian in our blood,and maybe some negro.LOL.I will have to ask Jackie,she looks all that stuff up. sounds like you are enjoying yourself.[got a keychain yet?}

  3. The Branhams where sent to “America” there we decided to “take over, and move things around ” to suit us, thus 1776. Just think Mom is still moving things around to suit herself today, it is in the blood.

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