Cremorne Pointe to Mosman Bay

I’ve been in Sydney for nearly a month now and I’ve pretty much stayed south of the harbor.  That’s okay, that is where all the hustle and bustle is; in the Central Business District and the inner suburbs such as Haymarket/Chinatown, Surry Hills, Darlinghurst, Paddington, and Wooloomooloo (Okay, let’s see you come up with a word that has eight “o’s” in it.  Really, it probably isn’t that much more weird than Mississippi when you think about it.)  Today I wanted to explore the other side of the harbor.

Australian Bush

Even though I’ve been here for some time now, Sydney can still amaze me whenever I turn a corner.  For instance, this morning I hopped on a ferry at Circular Quay right smack in the middle of Sydney.  Within ten minutes I was dropped at at Cremorne Point and I felt that it was another world.  All of a sudden I was in a bucolic little community that was so quite even the children playing in a playground were silent.  I can’t think of another city where you can have such a dramatic change in such a short period of time.  My destination was the Cremorne Point Bush Walk.


Mosman Bay–A lovely neighborhood

It seems that the word “bush” as used by the Australians is a little hard to define.  It has always conjured up scrubby desert landscapes with an occassional kangaroo hopping by in my mind.  But it seems that it actually means any wooded or rural area, and the boundries are nebulous at best.  Same is true for the word “outback” since it simply lies beyond the bush I reckon.  Well anyway, I had a lovely time taking in the sights and enjoying the really fine homes that line Mosman Bay.  I could see how it would be very easy to get used to that type of lifestyle.


Mosman Bay - Another angle


Rainbow Lorikeet...noisy as can be...they're everywhere

4 thoughts on “Cremorne Pointe to Mosman Bay

  1. Loving this trip. Randy, You are an excellent writer. Everything comes to life in my mind while reading yoour blog posts. I find myself thinking of things you have said, while out and about, outback with the cows.

  2. Hi Randy, I just wanted to let you know we have been following your sabbitical with great interest. The places you have been and plan to go are fascinating and I look forward to each entry. It’s also been nice to be a part of your personal evolution – the ups and downs and all. It’s been touching to be a part of that with you. Enjoy, ease and grow! Anne

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