Aboriginal Australia

Okay, I’m going to admit something.  I’ve been here nearly a month now and I still don’t understand the relationship between “white” Australia and their native Aboriginal inhabitants.  Actually, I’ve seen very few of them, and when I do, they are such pathetic creatures that you’d think they are closer akin to the untouchables in a Mumbai train station rather than the nobility you’d expect from what is likely the oldest race on Earth.

Britain had a problem when it arrived on both the shores of Australia and America.  Inconveniently people were already living there.  Clearly, not the best situation.   They were obviously subhuman since they already knew how to find food, shelter, stay alive, and thrive, in an environment that was completely void of cobblestones, planned streets, and coffee described by its geometric dimensions.

Much to the chagrin of my newly-found Australian friends, I’m going to state that the US, while totally bungling the native peoples’ situation, did a slightly better job.  Neither is anything to brag about.  But once again, I want to state my ignorance on the situation here in Australia, and that ignorance is not completely my fault.  It has been my experience that when you bring up the topic of Aboriginal Natives, Aussie eyes glaze over, and they immediately remind you that they can’t recall the third from the left on Mount Rushmore.  But, being a polite and civilized society, they immediately apologize for their lapse in memory.  Next subject.

By now you’ve probably realized that I have no actual light to shed on this subject.  I’m merely expressing my interest in learning more about it.  I’m going to lay it on the line.  Both the US and Australia were founded by people that felt they were superior to anyone else in the world.  And probably at the time they were in many aspects.  But we don’t live in 1800 anymore.  We don’t even live in 1900 for that matter.  It’s 2011 and there are 7 billion of us out there. 

We don’t all look alike, and our paths are going to cross.


4 thoughts on “Aboriginal Australia

  1. Hi Randy. I really look forward to your blogs. There is a great book dealing with the 1st people entitled, “Mutant Message From Down Under”, by Marlo Morgan. I found it amazing. Might be something you would enjoy reading. It is a true story and quiet mind blowing.

  2. Well said, Randy! Unfortunately, this type of human behavior has been going on for thousands of years. Will it ever change?

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