Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House--Up Close and Personal

It is probably one of the most recognizable builidings in the the world and I sure we’ve all see a zillion pictures of it.  The Sydney Opera House design was awarded to Jorn Utzon from Denmark in 1957.  It was not completed until 1973.

Today, I had to priviledge to actually go inside the Opera House and see a performance.  It was called Le Grand Cirque-Adrenaline and it was staged in the main concert hall.

One of the many lobbies surrounding the concert hall

The show was very exciting and it left me with sweaty palms and I often had to look away.  But for me the real show was just sitting in that wonderful chamber and looking around.  I didn’t take any pictures inside the concert hall itself, I just didn’t see how I could get a good angle to capture it.  but I did take a few snapshots of the public lobbies and halls

The hallway that encircles the main concert hall

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