Melbourne: A Place of Remembrance

I made it back to Sydney this afternoon, it was three hours door-to-door.  Now that’s how I like to travel.  It’s too bad that it rained the entire time I was there, that kind of kept me from doing everything that I wanted to do.  Plus not only was in raining…it was HOT and sticky.  I don’t do too well with hot and sticky.

Alan Johnston

But I had two main goals for Melbourne:  to see an old friend and to leave some of Ray’s ashes behind.  I accomplished both of those.  My friend, Alan, took me to a beautiful little restaurant called The Millswyn across the street from the Royal Botanical Gardens.  His wife, Lorna, wasn’t able to make it.  It is interesting to note that Al and Lorna (they’re from Melbourne) actually live in Los Angeles about half the year.  They typically time it so that they are always in summer.

After lunch I took a long walk through the Royal Botanical Garden.  The rain stopped just about this time and the sun actually popped out for about 5 minutes.  When Ray and I visited Australia in 2005, Melbourne was the first city we came to and the Garden was the first place we visited.  I will never forget how we were in awe by the sheer beauty.  We spent almost a half a day there looking at all the plants and the birds.  That was the first place that we saw Cockatoos in the wild.

A beautiful spot for Ray

So it seemed fitting that I find a beautiful spot in this special place to leave some of his ashes.  And a beautiful place I found indeed.  It is a place of remembrance.  Ray always loved Agapanthus, a flower that blooms in early June in Los Angeles.  Well, in Australia, they bloom in early January.  So Ray is amongst those stately flowers with their long, purple blossoms.  Geez, I sure miss him.


3 thoughts on “Melbourne: A Place of Remembrance

  1. Seeing these pictures of the Royal Botanical Gardens bring back happy memories for me, too. Alan and Lorna are special people – we are lucky to know such lovely people in such a beautiful city.

  2. This is so touching, Randy. How perfect that you not only found Agapanthus, but they were in bloom. Ray is getting a kick out of that.

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