Sage Advice

It’s hard to believe, but I’m coming down on the final days of my stay here in Australia.  I’m going to admit, I’m proud of myself.  I’m proud that I didn’t come running home the first time I got lonely.  I am proud that I was able to figure out how to move around this city and not look like a tourist while doing it.  I’m proud that the “Darlo” neighborhood is starting to feel like home (just a little) like Beverlywood did at one point.

I’ve seen so many beautiful and memorable sights and I’ve tried to share them with you through this medium.  But long after I leave, those memories will fade as just places.  Ray always told me that when you travel, it’s the people that are important, not the beautiful vistas and attractions.  He also said that when you take photographs they are infinitely more interesting if they have people in them.  I would give anything to be able to tell him to his face that he was exactly right.

Once I leave next week, I’m going to remember several people and I hope that we continue to stay in touch.  Tanya and Trent, my globe-trotting landlords, that opened their home to me.  I’m so happy that we had a chance to meet in person.  Your personalities are delicious and I’m fascinated by your line of work.  Thank you for getting me off to such a good start.

Randy, Brandy, and Tony

Through my friend, Clara, at American Airlines, I was introduced to the world of airline personnel that fly the world every day.  Her friends:  Brandy (Flight Attendant, United Airlines) and Tony (Pilot, Delta Airlines), took me under their “wings” one evening.  I didn’t even care when they talked “shop,”  it was so interesting to me the lifestyle these people lead, and have been leading for decades (you don’t get the nice long-haul flights as a newbie I learned…you have to have the seniority).

And then there is Patrick, who has been so sweet to me and was seemingly enamored by my story….as I was his.  His parents (French/German) immigrated to Australia when he was three years old.  I could see the excitement in your face when you told me about your experience of being in your grandparents Alpine farmhouse after they had both passed away with the realization that you were the last family member (after generations) to ever stay in the house.

Yep Ray, you gave me a lot.  It’s amazing how you continue to give when it seems impossible that you could do so.  All the advice that you gave me over the years that was often met with a casual “uh huh” from me comes flooding back.


2 thoughts on “Sage Advice

  1. Isn’t if amazing how acclimated one can get to what’s home in the here and now? Your blog is like my fav tv show (especially now when my tv is out!) 😉

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