A Most Interesting Afternoon

I went to the most interesting play today and it was staged in the most interesting venue.  It was called “A Life in Three Acts” and was an old female impersonator and entertainer telling his life story.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ufNRX1TKbQ I know it sounds odd, but it just worked, the theatre was packed.  He was funny, entertaining, and had an unusual perspective of the world.

Looking out from pier 4 toward pier 5

The Sydney Theatre uses space in one of the old wharves on the harbor.  In this picture you can see what the wharves looked like.  I assume that they were industrial in nature and not really designed for passengers.

Inside the wharf

Once you got inside the wharf, there was this incredibly long hallway with multiple theatres along the left side.  On the right side were windows looking out to the harbor.  At the very end was the coolest cafe and restaurant on the water.  It was the most unusual place for a theatre company, but the space really worked.

It was just a nice, low-key, Sunday afternoon.  There were some of the most interesting looking people at the theatre…that just made it all the more fun.


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