On the Road Again

It takes four days from Chicago to LA. More than 2,000 miles along the way.

No pictures this post, I spent the past couple days getting myself ready to move on. Tomorrow morning I have a flight from Sydney to Singapore. I really have no desire to go there, but it just seemed an easy way to “ease” into Asia. But, I’ll be open minded, I’m sure it’s going to be fascinating, sort of. I’m just concerned I’ll get a life sentence for chewing gum or something.

I’ve mostly spent the past couple days doing laundry, packing, and cleaning the apartment in anticipation of leaving. Although on Monday I did spend the day at Coogee Beach reading the newest Carl Hiaasen novel. I have ugly sunburn to prove it.

The next week is going to be interesting as I move up the Malaysian Peninsula. I have two nights in Singapore. Then I get a train to Penang where I will also spend a couple of days. Then another train (sleeper this time) to Bangkok. I’ve been so laid back for the past five weeks; this is actually going to be stressful for me. (Sorry, Microsofties…I’ve gone mushy.)

I’m learning as I go along. I’m over packed and I’m leaving a few things here in the apartment for my landlords to consider before they visit the rubbish heap with most of it. I’m hoping that I can whittle this mess down as I go along. It’s not so many clothes as it is consumables. Only problem is I’m not consuming all the stuff I brought. I mean really, do I need 1,000 Ibuprofen tablets. I can count on one hand the number I’ve taken in the past six weeks. Make that “half a hand.”

Oh, Mike and Ann:  It’s Rome.  We’ll be there for Ray’s birthday!


5 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. Got an error message, so this may be a repeat. Remember they sell everything everywhere – including ibuprofen, so lighten up that suitcase!
    You will enjoy Singapore – so I am told. Be safe, be well, enjoy your new friendships.

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