I’ve arrived in Bangkok

City view from my terrace

Well the lady, practically in a burka, at passport control at the Penang airport seemed nonplussed that I didn’t have a Malaysian entry stamp in my passport as I was leaving.  She just stamped about 15 things (loudly), asked me to visit again, and sent me on my way.  In my mind that was just the perfect amount of drama.  I flew on Thai Airways…very nice.  Even on just a flight of 1 hour and 20 minutes they managed to serve a meal and come through with the beverage cart twice.  The Malaysian train system should take a cue from this.

The Chao Phraya River from my apartment

I made it to my apartment via taxi with a minimal amount of fright during the drive.  For that I was thankful.  The apartment is in a great location.  It is actually a hotel, but I have a corner room on the 20th floor.  It’s about 900 square feet with a living room/dining room/kitchen, a bedroom, and a large walk-in closet.  The biggest room is probably the bathroom though.  There is also a huge wrap around terrace.  Lovely.  There is a Skytrain station, a river ferry station, a department store, and a grocery store attached.  I suppose that I don’t really ever have to leave here.  Plus, the door men (there are about 5 of them around constantly) salute me as I leave and when I return.  They seem petrified that I’m going to carry something myself or injure my finger pushing the elevator button.

My first order of business was to replace my computer electrical cord.  Several recommended asking the hotel desk if they perhaps had one that I could borrow, but I had no luck with this.  However here in Bangkok the desk clerk called their IT department and suggested I try a store in a large mall across town.  I hadn’t been here two hours and I’m already on the public transportation system.  I even navigated the purchase of a card that I can “top up” as I need to.

My hotel is the large white building in the background. Funny they never used this picture in any of the marketing material

I made it to the mall with no problem at all.  I found the store immediately.  It then became the strangest electrical appliance purchase I’ve ever made.  The lady who spoke very little English spent a lot of time on the phone (cell), then told me to come back in 40 minutes.  The cost would be 2,500 Thai Baht (about $60) cash only.  I had lunch, wondered around the gourmet food store in the mall wondering what everything was and returned to the store.  When I got there the lady was watching for me to come up the escalator and whisked me out of the store, across the mall to an area with no shoppers and introduced me to a young guy holding a motorcycle helmet and a little blue plastic bag.  Inside was the adaptor I needed.  I know it is an AC Adapter because it is very clearly labeled on the front.

Why such a strange transaction?  I have no idea, but can only come to the conclusion that AC adapters must be illegal here or something.


3 thoughts on “I’ve arrived in Bangkok

  1. I want a picture of the bathroom! Great talking with yiu this morning. Next time we skype, lets get dressed for it, so we can use the video, ok… Love ya

  2. I stayed in Bangkok for a week once. The Thai people were so nice and friendly that they made a permanent impression on me. Enjoy!

  3. Obviously the lady that sold you the adapter was running her own side business. Cash only, outside of the store in a secluded area…
    Capitalism at it’s best!

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