Wat Pho

I finally got a chance to do a little touring today.  I visited Wat Pho via river ferry.  Both of those activities are notable.  I still struggle with this currency.  When buying the ticket for the ferry, I thought maybe I’d been snookered again and taken for a tourist.  The lady at the booth sold me an all-day tourist ticket for 120 baht.  I was furious that I’d allowed myself to be taken in again, until I sat down, looked at my cheat sheet, and realized that 120 baht was about $3.40.  It was good for all day as much as I wanted to ride the ferry.  But doesn’t 120 baht sound like a lot of money to you?  It does to me.

River view "homes"

I won’t bore you with a lot of details by writing so much today.  Besides I know that most of  you come for the pictures anyway.  But Wat Pho (pronounced what poe) has been the site of a temple since the 16th century.  The current wat is stupa-studded and was built in 1781 by King Rama I.  It is the oldest and largest wat in Bangkok.  It also has the longest reclining Buddha and the most Buddha images of any location in Thailand.  (There, that didn’t hurt so bad, now did it?

The monks intrigue me.

Boarding the ferry


12 thoughts on “Wat Pho

  1. I am loving your blog, the pics are great too but I am loving reading it, so write as much as want, never seems long enough for me :).

  2. Hey, seeing the picture with out your writing is like go to the movies with no sound..I love both the pictures and your writing..Just sayin;. Thanks for both, so far I have NO complaints with any part “my” trip.. I am glad you are there to handle the money part because even if you don’t think so you are doing way better at it than i would be..

  3. Do not sell yourself short. I like the pictures, but, the comments are what makes them come alive. I think “Our” trip is going wonderfully, keep up the good work. Love you

  4. Hi Randy,
    It all sounds wonderful, glad you are enjoying yourself,we have a friend who owns a Thai Resturant here that s building a Condo, for friends who visit from the States.can’t wait for you to meet her.xoxox J&D

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