A Transition

Gentlemen, start your engines.

Well over the past few days I’ve sort of switched gears.  I’ve found myself much more involved in day-to-day activities and paying more attention to the little things that I see rather than big tourist attractions.  I like to think that this time I used the clutch when I shifted gears.  I think the last time I shifted gears it was probably more like the first time I drove my Dad’s 1967 International Harvester pick up truck.

One of my new friends Bruce. What a trooper. Late 70's and has wintered in Bangkok for multiple decades.

I’ve made some acquaintenances here in Bangkok.  Three gentlemen from New York City who are staying in the same building as I am.  They meet for lunch everyday and they have included me three times now.  I think it kind of them to take me into their little “lunch bunch” group.  I think I’m just the token Los Angeleno though amongst the New Yorkers.  But I don’t care, it’s fun to have conversation with nice people. 

I’ve also been rather busy the past few days taking care of the last little detail of my next stop.  I now have in my possession a little sticker in my passport that indicates I am worthy of visiting the country of India.  Geez, that took me a long time.  I actually started this process back in Sydney which seems like a lifetime ago now.

A city of surprises...always. Leave the hustle and bustle of outside and just come across an oasis.

Also I have made the decision to cut my Bangkok visit about 12 days short (still staying until the end of February) and visit Siem Reap, Cambodia (Angkor Wat) along with Saigon, Hue, Hoi An, and Hanoi in Vietnam.  My new friend, Bruce, told me yesterday that I’m no longer a tourist, I’m now a traveller.  I took that as a compliment.

One of the millions of sweet little faces that are quick to offer a smile.

Jill arrives in just a little over a week and I’m so excited for her to see this country.  I’ve already told her that she will either love it or hate it.  Most likely she’ll experience both in the same day.  I know I do constantly.

6 thoughts on “A Transition

  1. I think after seeing the first picture in the installment, I would be very afraid of being a pedestrian, even more so a “bike” rider.. SHEW…Love the bath room picture..I have a thing for bathrooms will at least “nice bath room”.. LOL
    Glad you have things ready for the next part of the trip.. Once again you are the best “guide” for all these wonderful country we get to visit with you…It is just like setting back and letting you do all the work while we weep the benefits..;)

  2. Randy, You are indeed sounding more like a “traveler” than a tourist! Keep it up..and keep the blogs and the photos coming. You’re a great travel writer. Maybe you should think about writing a book!!

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