Just a Lazy Friday

Not much to show for the day except a bit darker tan and another day’s growth of facial hair.  Spent the morning at the pool, mid day lounging around the house, and the afternoon exploring a temple about 2 blocks away.

My little Bangkok apartment


Pretty self-explanatory





6 thoughts on “Just a Lazy Friday

  1. Hi Randy,
    Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your blog every day. Thanks for
    letter us share your wonderful experience.

  2. I liked the shoes picture! I don’t know why but it was really neat! I guess it’s already Saturday there, so have a great weekend.

  3. Loving the pics, must your writing wit is most enjoyable, problem you end too quickly, I always hope there is a page 2, so I end up going back to the prior blog to make sure I did not miss anything….

  4. I really like the apartment. I agree that sometimes, most times the blogs end to soon. Thank You , for taking the time to include us on this most wonderful adventure. love ya

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