Rollin’ on the River

Okay, unfortunately, I continued to prove my theory about Americans today.  I have not the best guide book, but a good one.  If you read it, it clearly tells you that the Thai people find it offensive to be put your feet up on a seat.  I mean really, if you look at the state of the sidewalks and streets, you can clearly see that no one wants to put their butt where their feet were a few minutes earlier.  It all makes sense really.

I had a lovely dinner at my usual place this evening.  The staff were as gracious as ever, after all, I’m looking like a person that might spend upwards of  $10.00 (when I’m feeling really frisky), but I’m a regular, they know me, and that means something here.  Well, the guys at the table beside me, from KC or something, were just obnoxious. 

I’m not pre-judging the fact that these rather mediocre looking guys had a beautiful Thai woman swooning over them.  I realize what goes on here.  But what I will judge is their bad manners.  The seats were upholstered.  Why would you put your shoes on them and then proceed to be loud?  These are children of people my age…I blame you, my heterosexual peers, for failing.  My parents did a better job.

On a positive note, I’ve found this magical little place by the river to just go and  sit at sunset.  No one seems to have discovered it yet except a very few “in the know” travelers.  It’s not written about in any guidebook, and it’s two blocks from my apartment.  I expect Jimmy Buffet to show up there any evening now.

I know, I need to get of this soapbox, but I seem to have found a mission.  I’m looking to become evangelical about it.  I’m going to make Americans the nice people in the world, I’m gonna be busy looks like.  I love the job security as this is going to take some work.


3 thoughts on “Rollin’ on the River

  1. You bring back very old memories. While living in Germany, we went to Dachau. The whole place vibrated of the souls lost in the German ovens…there came American service men in civilian clothes w/ a boom box (at that time the larger the better) this one almost took 2 guys to keep it on their shoulder…down the paths they walked with it turned up so loud….people just shook their heads, I hid mine and pretended I was European…..very sad that I can still see it in my minds eye 30 years later.

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