Bangkok – Parting Shots

Well, it’s my last evening in Bangkok and I’m all packed up.  I took a walk around the neighborhood this afternoon and just took some random photos that I thought captured the essence of what it is like to live here; here’s a sampling.  I hope you continue to follow along as we head of to Cambodia and Vietnam for the next two weeks.

I took many a trip up and down the river on this ferry.


Uh oh. Competition moving in. Capitalism in its purest form.


And finally, what an epiphany! On my last day here I figure out what this story is all about. It's to keep the dogs from peeing on the wheels!


4 thoughts on “Bangkok – Parting Shots

  1. I would not miss the rest of “our” trip-I feel as though I am almost with. Looking forward to the rest of the adventures…..

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