There is this place…

Ray and I used to talk about it.  We’d dream of coming here.  It seemed so exotic and far away. 

Today, February 28, 2011, I made it here and I brought some of Ray with me…to the area known as “Angkor.”

The driver picked me up at 8:00 a.m., we had a whole day planned.  But I only had one objective, find the most magical place I could find to leave some of Ray’s ashes behind.  I will never forget what it was like to see that place, in the morning mist, as we arrived.

I walked around those ancient ruins.  You simply cannot comprehend the complexity or the vastness of them. And at the same time, I was torn by a decision.  Should I leave some of Ray’s ashes here?   To this point I had only done so in places that he had actually been.  This was a place that he had dreamed of going, who am I to complete this for him?

Once I saw it there was no doubt in my mind.  I left him in two places (it’s huge…many square miles).  One place is a famous view, the other just felt right with me.

As Angkor returns to the earth, so does Ray.  I feel so cheated seeing this place alone.  I know he would have loved it.  The people here love to talk and we all know that he had the gift to “chat”.  Karma.

There will be another posting on the temples located at Angkor, there are just photos where Ray is hanging out.

Just to the right of this main promanade is a large grassy area with an incredible view.  No on seems to venture there…that’s where I left Ray.

The view from the second location. Not nearly as famous but I liked it here.


The blue travel bag is Ray's. He loved using a guide book...he'd read them to me.


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