What took us so long to leave Saigon?

Okay, I’ve only been here 3 or 4 hours, but I’m really wondering why we stayed so long in Vietnam.  I’m in Saigon, and I’m already to pull out  but I still have two nights here.  But once again, that could just be me.  Anytime I get to a new place I don’t like it until I get a little more familiar with my surroundings.  But, I also believe that it may not be just me this time.

Trying to cross the street is more dangerous than Russian Roulette.  At least with that game you have a chance, the odds aren’t good, but you do have odds.  Here, crossing the street…all bets are off.  I’m having a lot of trouble trusting anyone.  Even the taxi driver ripped me off on the way from the airport to the hotel.  I just didn’t have energy to fight.

I’m still waiting for a helicopter to come and pluck me off a building or something.


2 thoughts on “What took us so long to leave Saigon?

  1. Oh, it’ll get better. I know so many nice people from there (of course, maybe that’s why they’re here not there!) Hang in there and stay on one side of the street.

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