A Walk Around Panaji

My friend Joan arrived this morning around 4:30 a.m.!  Needless to say, we didn’t actually see eachother until lunch time.  After eating at the hotel, we took a tuk-tuk to section of town where she could exchange US Dollars for Indian Rupees.

We had a leisurely stroll back to the hotel.  It was in the 90’s here today so no one is walking too terribly fast!

This evening we’re off to the night market.

My friend Joan from West Hollywood. She'll kill me when she sees this...she had no idea I was taking the picture.

A ride in one of the "moto" cabs (I made that name up).

They're everywhere. Cheap too.

Just a typical Goan street scene.


One thought on “A Walk Around Panaji

  1. With the prices of gas skyrocketing here, we all will be driving vehicles like that soon. Buy a couple and ship them back home. I’m glad your friend is with you. It’s much nicer to share experiences.

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