Oh! The Colors!

Probably the first people from India that I ever got to know was a gentleman that Ray once worked with at the University of Dayton (Ohio) and his wife.  Harish and Veena Tewari, were from Delhi and Bombay respectively.  I won’t forget Veena exclaiming “Oh, the colors!” in her refined English accent.  As Joan and I strolled through the Saturday Night Market in Goa last night, I finally realized just what she meant. 

Goa is a heavily touristed area both by Indians and foreigners, but last night at the market, it seemed that the foreigners were winning.

Spices, Saturday Night Market, Goa

Saturday Night Market, Goa


Today we spent the morning walking around Old Goa and visiting some incredible churches built by the Portuguese in the early 1400’s.  If you would like to learn more about Goa, and the Portuguese influence here, check this out:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Goa

Here are some random pictures of the Old Goa scene.  Tomorrow we’re getting a driving for the day and are going to explore South Goa.  The beaches are supposed to be beautiful there.

The lock on my hotel room door is not that different from this!


Elegant simplicity. The guide said that it even works when the power is off! Can you beleive it?


Just a quiet place in the shade


That tree is amazing


What a colorful day!


5 thoughts on “Oh! The Colors!

  1. When Mamaw, Kelly and Mom see the picture of the fabric they are going to loose there minds.. It is so nice to hear and see this wonderful place…I love seeing the one of all the spices..You seem to capture something for all of us to just be in “awe” of..Once again thank you!!

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