Just get in the car and Goa

The South Goa route

Sorry for the lack of posts for the past few days, but we’ve been on the run, and in my case, in more ways than one.  The original plan was to hire a car (with A/C!) and a driver for three days.  The first day would be the southern part of Goa, the second day would be the central section, and finally the third day we’d cover the northern end of the state.  I managed the north and south, but I was sick for the middle part.

Southern Goa

The Menezes Braganza Pereira house. Goa, India

Our driver, Agit, must have thought he’d hit the jackpot, three days of work.  Once the plans were made, we’d pretty much see the entire Goa region.  The first stop in the southern part of the state was to see a couple of mansions that were built during the early Portuguese days, some 400 years ago. We stopped to see two of them.  They are really very interesting in that the original families still actually live in these houses.  Since they no longer own all the land (and plantations) that originally went with them, they don’t have the income to keep up the houses so they open them to the public for tours.
It was very odd to walk into the first house not really understanding what we were doing.  We got about half way into the house and thought, geez, this really doesn’t feel right.  As we were walking out, a family member saw us and invited us in.  What a treat this first house was. 
The house is so large that two branches of the family actually live in it, and they don’t really get along.  It was so interesting seeing all the antiques, family heirlooms, photos, etc. in a setting where these people actually live every day. 

A little hard to make out, but the matriarch of theMenezes Braganza Pereira family sitting in the window of her house. She's 94 years old. Her niece gave us the tour.

 The second house, the Fernandes house, was very near by.  It was not as large or as extravagent as the first but was still interesting all the same.  Once again it was an actual family member that lived that that took us through the house. 

From there we went to a couple of beautifuly beaches.  At the first one, Palalem Beach, we stumbled on the most bizarre place for lunch.  It was a series of huts that was accessed  by crossing a rickety footbridge.  The food was great, and needless to say the atmosphere was very laid back.

Crossing the bridge to lunch

A very Bohemian place indeed.

An unexpected guest at lunch.

A typical Goa "beach hut" (actually, a pretty nice one)

Northern Goa
Like I mentioned before I missed the day touring Central Goa where Joan was able to see several temples both Hindu and Moslim.  But this morning I thought that maybe I was feeling “stable” enough to brave riding in a car for the Northern Goa trip.  I’m glad I did.  We saw several unusual sights.

Joan and our driver, Ajit.

Outside a "modern" Hindu temple

Inside a "modern" Hindu temple. The gentleman is a Hindu priest.

A Hindu temple from the 13th century.

Today's "art shot"


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