You Gotta Love this Face!

The fun at Holi is absolutely infectuous

Why is this guy grinning so big?  It is because he is in the middle of smearing my face with color as I snapped this picture!  I think his expression tells everything about the good mood everyone is in here today.  It is the annual Holi Festival all across India.  I don’t understand the significance, it has Hindu origins, but it seems to be sort of a combination of Mardi Gras, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Easter all rolled into one.  The departure from Easter is that you get colored, not the eggs!

Giving someone color is ALWAYS done with your biggest smile possible.


These little guys pick me out of the crowd to color my face. Aren't they cute?


No one is immune!


One thought on “You Gotta Love this Face!

  1. Too funny… ee watch a sitcom on NBC called “Outsourced”. We just watched it (from the DVR) tonight and it was all about this Holi day. Had no idea you were actually experiencing it as we were watching it! Looks like it’s everyone’s favorite holiday!

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