First Impressions

As you may have already figured out from previous posts, I’m not very good at change.  Each time I pull up roots (okay, sprouts), I’m very apprehensive when I arrive at my new location.  Thus I spent the first six hours of my time in Istanbul today trying to convince myself that I didn’t like it.

Trying this hard to not like a place that is so agreeable proved to be exhausting.  Just walking around this vibrant city is exhilarating; I just know that over the coming weeks you are going to see me fall in love all over again, just about the time I move on to Greece or where ever I decide is next.

My first impression is that Istanbul is complicated.  I’m glad that I’ve got the time to unravel it for myself, in my own time.  I also like the exercise of “needing” some things.  I need to go shopping for things like olive oil, cold cuts, bread, cereal, milk, coffee, laundry soap, mayonnaise, potato chips, soda pop, warm clothing, and other sundry items necessary for daily life.  This is the part I like most.  Seeking these things out in such a strange place; it’s always an adventure to do so and it never turns out quite like you thought it would. 

That’s the whole point of what I’m doing I suppose.


11 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. Hi Randy,

    You are a brave man. I could never do what you are doing all by myself, especially in a place like Turkey. I’ve been there.


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