A Morning in Instanbul

Beautiful light. Paris has this too.

I awoke to a cold wind, gray skies,  and tropical clothing, not the best combination for fun.  So, I had a mission:  A coat, a scarf, long sleeved shirt, and a new Skype phone.  The only problem is that I had to go out in the cold with no coat…just to buy the coat!  By the time I finally found something that I like I was freezing my brass off.  The old guy running the shop felt so sorry for me when he was checking me out he started cutting the tags off and said “no bag?”  I replied, “no, no bag.”  He was probably just about my Dad’s age and I could tell he pitied me.  I sort of enjoyed it in some odd way as he held the coat up for me to slip my arms into it.  I’ve never felt warmer when I walked out of that little shop.

I also found a scarf right away.  Everyone wears them here and it looks so “European.”  I didn’t want to look as anxious for it so I allowed the clerk to put it in a bag for me until I got a couple blocks away…completely out of sight I donned it.  About that time the clouds parted and I could see a city that has a beauty that so few achieve.  Paris, Barcelona, and San Francisco have it.  It’s the kind of charm that can’t be acheived, it just works out that way.

Then there is the food!  Oh my goodness, it’s everywhere, in your face, available, simple, honest, and beautiful.  Never bad as far as I can tell.  Joan and I both bought a book called “Istanbul Eats.”  Two nights in a row we’ve eaten at places they recommend and we’re two for two in the perfect category.  She leaves on Saturday, but, hey Joan, let’s keep it up until the last minute. I just weighed myself:  59 kilos.  Let’s see how long that holds up.  I’m predicting 62 by the time I leave in three weeks!

My building, the gray one between the blue and gold ones. "First" floor to the Europeans. Second floor to Americans.

4 thoughts on “A Morning in Instanbul

  1. Way back in high school (Can you remember that far back?) I had a pen pal in Turkey. It might have been Istanbul, I don’t remember. But, he was a friend to Kathy Casebolt’s penpal. She kept up with hers for years. I still have a couple of gifts he sent me.

    As far as the kilos of weight you might put on – you can afford it. But I doubt if you will. I’m sure you’re walking more than you have ever in your life. I envy you. Have a wonderful time!!!

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