Just a couple of shots

It was a slow travel day so not much to share.  I managed to take in two mosques and the spice market before a tremendous craving for McDonald’s overwhelmed me.  My search yielded nothing.  But I know where one is on Istiklal Cadessi…not far from where I’m staying!  Guess what’s for dinner.

Only in Istanbul can a building be over 500 years old and be called "The New Mosque"


The Galata bridge and the Galata Tower looking across the Great Horn. My apartment is not far from the tower


Seems like everyone was just not in the mood today.


6 thoughts on “Just a couple of shots

  1. Reaching back into my 22-year-old memories: Have you gone to that hotel that was a stop on the Orient Express? And there was a candlelit restaurant located in an old cistern that was wonderful. Do the Turks still put lemon on everything? We gained a new appreciation for lemon.

    • Yes, the Pera Palace! It’s very near to where I’m staying. It be recently restored and is quite a center of activity. It looks very la-ti-da.

  2. When I was in Europe, I would like to go to American fast food places just so I would know what the food was going to taste like. I’m not a very adventurous eater, so I didn’t particularly like trying new cuisines. I despise German food and British food is just gross. I do like French, except “bleu” which equates to “raw.” The French do make great French fries too!

    • I actually like trying new cuisines, and the food here is probably my favorite so far on the whole trip. I don’t know what came over me. 🙂

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