I’m (Over) Hearing Things


From what I can tell, there's going to be a wedding here or something.

Well, I’ve made my way to London and this is the closest that I’ve been to home since I left on December 5th.  I love this city, and I always have.  It was the first truly “foreign” place that I ever visited and that set off a lifelong pursuit of travel to distant places.

For several months now, I’ve been in countries where English is not very widely spoken.  As I’ve mentioned before, this put me into a whole new realm of solitude and I often found myself of playing the little mind game of seeking out people who looked to be  foreigners and trying to over hear their conversations.  Every once in a while I would get lucky and the conversation would be in English.  I don’t think I was trying to be particularily nosey, I was just curious what fellow travellers were talking about.  Um, I guess that sorta of fits the description of nosey.  Oh well.

I had to put that little game to a stop pretty fast once I got here because everyone is speaking in a tongue that I can understand and it feels really good.  Besides, I had a whole evening with actual friends, at their home no less, to exercise my speaking muscles.  It’s been one of the highlights of my trip so far.  I’ve said before, it’s the people not the places that stand out in your memory.  I’ve proven that right again.

Catherine and Terry

I knew Catherine (it was Cathy back then but she’s all grown up now) through a mutual friend way back in my Dayton days.  She and I went to Wright State together and we graduated on the same day.  Her teaching career brought her to London over 20 years ago, and it appears that she has never looked back.  Terry made dinner; a classic English roast beef complete with Yorkshire Pudding.  It was a delightful evening.  I even took the bus to their flat in Kilburn Park.  I still impress myself sometimes.
On Saturday morning the highlight of the day was getting a haircut.  I was trying to grow my hair long, but just couldn’t take it any longer (sorry Jill, but you’ve already lost this battle.  It’s time to say “uncle.”)   Otherwise, nothing outside the ordinary, just long walks in Hyde Park, Green Park, St. James Park, etc.  The only thing really touristy stuff I’m thinking about doing here is taking a train out to Windsor to see the castle there.  I may even go a little beyond and see Stonehenge.
I’m leaving for Amsterdam on Thursday.

Saturday MORNING pub scene


Oxford Street near my hotel


In one of my favorite sections of London: Marleybone


4 thoughts on “I’m (Over) Hearing Things

  1. Sounds as if you are having a great time. So Happy about that 🙂
    If you go to Windsor, Please tell Queenie her “cousins” in Paintsville say HI! Also ask her if she knows who in the family messed up so bad that we don’t still have contact, LOL.

  2. Regarding the haricut and growing my hair longer. I think, that if any of my Pack cousins are following, they will confirm what’s it’s like. I have “Pack Hair.” My hair doesn’t get longer. It just gets bigger.

  3. I wonder what will be the first thing you’ll want to do in Amsterdam…. By the way, I want Pack hair next lifetime.

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